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"Roberto, Thank you, you took care of Annie beautifully & I could tell she was very comfortable with you!" Jenny.

"Thanks the dogs look great. Were they good?" Jennifer.

"Roberto has been Hundi's only groomer ever. She comes home more beautiful every time. I'm really excited that Roberto is opening The Dog Barber which is closer to where I live now! 

He is very experienced with dog grooming as well as dealing with the nervous owner (um, me). I never thought I'd be the person to have dog grooming consultations, but Roberto has come up with ideas on how to best manage matting including grooming schedule, mid-grooming techniques and styles that will help minimize matting but still keep the mini-schnauzer style. He also has very cute pups of his own." Maria C.

"Super duper. Gave it a shot - he did exactly what we asked for, and for the parts of our cute doggie where we didn't exactly say, he did a super clean and thoughtful job. Called when he was done - right on estimated time. Best looking eyebrow-cut / shaping of all the groomers we've visited. A serious dude who was very caring with our sep anx dog. Doggie was happy when we picked up, we were pleased that doggie was totally fine with the shop after having spent time there." N.R.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Roberto for his friendly and attentive dog grooming services. Our puppy was super skittish around groomers, but Roberto has really helped her calm down. Dare I say she even looks forward to her visits now?" Richard B.

"Roberto's the dog barber is amazing! Our puppy Thor had the best first grooming experience. We cannot think about any other place to take our puppy. Great service!" Seda B.

"Roberto is the best groomer in San Francisco, and I have seen and been to a few. My former groomer - Debbie from Foggy Doggie Grooming recently moved to another state, and she was great too. I am so happy Debbie referred me to Roberto. My parti pom loves playing with his Westi and the place is immaculate. 
Specifically, Roberto does a beautiful and meticulous job on my dog. His paws look so perfectly groomed and people ask me if he is a show dog. He also does a great job cutting nails and trimming areas as needed and where requested. Also cleaned the little guy's ears. The wash is exceptional and my dog feels like silk and so clean when I pick him up. 

Last but not least, Roberto is a true professional! You can tell he has had great training yet is a natural and really cares for animals. He is soft spoken and kind, yet strong and the animals really sense that. My dog actually smiles when he goes there. I cannot say enough about Roberto. My dog is also in a good mood even after he has been at the groomer, which is a change from the last groomer he saw in between Debbie and Roberto where my dog was in pain and hacked. My sister also commented on the fabulous job that Roberto did on my dog. Again, Roberto is the best of the best! I wanted to be specific as when you find someone this great, they deserve all the kudos in the world!!!" Lynda M.

"Now I hope we've found our forever groomer with Roberto! We too were fans of Debbie @ Foggy Doggy Grooming & thought Debbie was our forever groomer until she moved. Luckily she cared enough to refer us to Roberto, the Dog Barber. He has the same work ethic as Debbie which made the transition for my three pups VERY SMOOTH! He was so kind to make a special appointment for the pups since my days off are also when he's closed. Where in this City would you find a groomer that is so accommodating to your schedule?! Only @ The Dog Barber! Romeo, Violette & Rudy turned out beautifully & Roberto was so good with all their 3 little attitudes. They loved him so much they actually wanted to go back! I've already booked them for another Sunday thanks to Roberto's flexibility!

By the way, his facility is so clean & bright and the pups are not crated all day when they are getting groomed which makes them so relaxed and happy. He also gets the dogs beautifully done (with all my special requests) in a timely manner which is quite impressive. Parking is pretty easy as well. I hope all the dog owners in his neighborhood realize how lucky they are to have great grooming salon in their area! Thanks Roberto!" Darlene D.

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